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Not if it’s you.”. Menelaos He who has committed grave ills must suffer grave pain. I'll take care of you PYLADES It's rotten work 640 ORESTES Not to me. The little girl that Menelaos brought here from her home in Sparta, for my mother to look after her. Chorus Don’t let them come before I see Helen’s bloody corpse lying on the palace floor! Furthermore, Orestes, your Fate declares that you will marry the woman at whose throat you are holding your sword. Now, Menelaos, I hate impious women and of them, the one I hate the most is my own daughter, Klytaemestra, who murdered her own husband in cold blood. Pylades So you think that if you did face the public you might escape it? My brother’s wife has killed my brother with a blow to his head and he had breathed his last. Like barbary people make. Atreus’ lamb, on Atreus’ horse-pasturing land, a portent of Atreus’ curse. How do you suggest we do this? Orestes Yes, my friend, Pylades. Pelops lands his chariot on the frothy shores of Gerastus! Helen Because it’s not proper for young girls to be seen in public. For Klytaemestra. Come. That’s how sick people are: helpless and a nuisance to others! One of these plans will succeed and glory will follow us for one of two reasons, Orestes: either we will die as men should die, with honour, or we shall save our lives honourably. Orestes Hermione, yes. You are helping me even now that I am seeking justice from my enemies. I shall do what ever is in my power to save you. This cannot be. He’s hurrying towards us to enter the trial of his life!”, And so I looked in his direction and saw a sight that I wish the gods had never let me see! Did you see that? What did he say you did wrong? Don’t act against the will of the gods! Orestes All the citizens. What country is that? My feet run away from the palace, fast, very fast! What sad news I have for you, you unfortunate woman! The harbour of Nauplia is cluttered with his fleet. Orestes Royal sceptre? It’s been six days now that the corpse of his murdered mother was committed to the cleansing pyre. Orestes You’ll have to ask the gods for her body. I respect your grey hair. She who kept murmuring in your ear insulting tales about her, to make you hate her. If only the gods had not robbed me of the deed! It was his oracle that I, too obeyed. Why are you crying like this, in the folds of your robe? Orestes O, have no fear of these women, Pylades. It was wrong of him to do that but he did it because he wanted to right the wrongs committed by your wife. The bull-headed Ocean? Orestes Yes, my uncle and this is why you are my only and last hope to get out of this lot of horrors! I have killed my mother with Justice on my side. You won’t bend them, Menelaos and you won’t be able to get inside to rescue anyone. I’m not afraid of any Trojan slaves! So, the time for my last breaths is near! 1410. The slightest pretext and they’d be murdering their husbands! Come quietly. “Be patient, my boy, be careful…”. That’s why he doesn’t want to save us, his family. Ah! Elektra Orestes, you must seize Hermione when she returns. Orestes Stay you poor creature. What were you doing at the time? He has stood by your shield in the battlefield so that you could win your wife back. Leda’s baby. What awful sight is this? Do I see torches all lit up ready to burn the place down? After he left Troy he wandered about the seas for a very long time. We all know what is good and what is evil. Pylades Well, it seems this is a better course of action to take than simply sitting and waiting. I don’t think much of your voyage to Troy for the sake of that worthless woman. Him and his sister. He’ll tell them about our hidden swords! Him strong just like Hektor. Encourage me, comfort me and I shall do the same when you are sighing and groaning with pain. Still, poor Orestes acted out of obedience to a god and I? I’ll send my daughter over. Better for you to have help, my Lord! 490. Pylades: Not to me. See! Not if it's you PYLADES I raced through the town as soon as I heard of the citizen assembly PYLADES I saw it too. Let us either prepare the ropes or sharpen a sword! Look all around you, everywhere! Orestes No… I mean… Well, it Phoebus Apollo who had ordered me to murder my mother. Elektra That’s it. In any case, this man, Atreus, slaughtered his brother’s children and served them up to him, to eat, on a feast to which his brother had invited him. Pick up your arms and run over here quickly! Ah! Stop worrying about me and my pains! They’ll be taken good care of. Pylades Which would definitely be a bad omen! 1360. Orestes breaks away violently from Elektra’s grip. Not if it’s you. Menelaos is neither bold nor brave. Menelaos I want neither of the two but you’re forcing me to listen to you. She came first and she brought him here. Exit Elektra into the palace. I end my quarrel about everything that has happened before and about your oracles, Apollo. Your tongue is not saying what you think! Menelaos So, what are they up now? "As long as you want. Let me return your embrace. Obviously he’d be fuming with rage about his daughter! Who’s responsible for this? It looks like we must speak to them. Thank you, dear, you have convinced me. After him, a man with the loudest, most undisciplined tongue got up and started mouthing off all sorts of bluster and cockiness. It’s all quiet out here. They say, this is tricky trap, catch Helen. I will think myself a fortunate man if I can achieve even one of my aims but if I can manage to escape death while I perform these killings, then, well, that will be the answer of all my prayers. Let him come within the reach of my sword. Where can I find a dark corner to hide my face? Phrygian Oh, yes, my Lord. Suddenly he sees Pylades in the distance SR. She’s coming right when the murder is happening! It was the other way round. Even your own brother has betrayed me. Then we pick up stones and bows, another man a sword swish, swish in his hand and run to save Helen. Arrogant man. Wait and watch. Are you an accomplice to these murderous deeds? By the gods, I’d love to know what his response was! When I was a little boy he looked after me as if I was his own child. They hide before, under their purple cloths, and then they look this way and then that way, everywhere look to see if anyone there, looking to them. Not for the whole ten years of it for one day. Orestes Well, are you sure then? etw. What does Pylades mean? Orestes I killed, seeking vengeance for my father but you! Tyndareus A man like that? I am trying to decide on those crossroads. No one will talk to me. Enter Hermione from the palace. Menelaos Well, go ahead then. That’s something that will give her some joy, something to keep her mind off her misery. It will end by his death, my dear friend. Menelaos Take your sword away from my daughter’s throat! 530. You have a house, your father’s house with a harbour full of wealth. Life is dear to everyone and everyone cries when they’re about to lose it! It was he who had uttered it to Orestes from Themis’ tripod: the unjust murder of our mother. Chorus Torches! Elektra Friends, some of you watch the road on this side and the others look down that road. Poor, Elektra! I’ve got to sit here, watching over my brother. 360. Frugal I am, my uncle! Helen Please, dear girl, could you do something for me? Then, Agamemnon married Klytaemestra -another famous personage in Greece- from which couple emerged us three daughters: Chrysothemis, Iphigeneia and I, Elektra; as well as a son, this one here, Orestes. 840. But when we got there, Pylades was there. Not a sound, please, not a whisper. He is sleeping so deeply, so sweetly! Elektra What a terrible Fate you must endure, my brother, Orestes! 1140. Then, then, they jump to the woman like wild pigs in the mountain and say to her, “Now woman, you will die! That, as you say, is the duty of good friends. The feathered arrow is all ready and waiting in my far-shooting bow! Darling, please take this basket of libations and this lock of my hair to your aunt’s tomb. My worst fears have been realised! They’re ready for you if you don’t disappear. One pain rushes to follow another filling all your days with pain! What a great addition to my pains this wretch here has given me! It is the sixth day after the murder of Clytemnestra and Aegisthus.

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