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Maximilian’s pionus are medium, stocky dark brownish-green parrots with short square tails, also known as scaly-headed parrots. Log in or sign up to … In fact, as intelligent pet birds, White Capped Pionus parrots will thrive on the social interaction and mental stimulation they get from playing and learning tricks. Unlike some other companion parrots , aviculturists have noted that they are not particularly energetic, and do not generally enjoy hands-on play (for … Those who have owned a Maximilian Pionus, describe their personalities as fun-loving, comical, and affectionate. All parrots are beautiful, but in my opinion, Pionus are some of the best looking birds around, despite what some other parrot owners will claim. Pionus parrots are quieter than Amazon parrots. Why? Other Pionus are the Bronze-wing, White cap and Coral Bill Pionus. Pionus Parrots are social creatures just like us and will desire to spend time in the same room with you (and family) during the day and evening. They have a blue throat patch and the typical bright red patch on the under tail coverts. Welcome to Pionus Online! More and more people are discovering what delightful pets all the Pionus parrots make, and how perfectly they fit into the family. Coral Bill Pionus … They are still going to be inquisitive, active, and sometimes hormonal and aggressive. On our site you will find information that has been compiled here from numerous areas from my "main website" and updated info that will be useful for people who look for Pionus … But their larger than life and outgoing personality that makes them an attractive choice to perspective new owners. A small parrot with very beautiful plumage which looks iridiscent if kept well sprayed, a myriad mix of colors. Patty's Pets, LLC Now taking deposits for Pionus Bronze Winged Babies. Stroudsburg … They are social and intelligent, and a well-socialized bird can learn to … I've done a lot of reading that suggests that Pionus parrots are some of the more "independent" types of birds, and Ori is certainly not one of those Pionuses. Pionus … While she requires significant time and attention from her keeper, like any other parrot… Pionus Maximilian parrots are good talkers, yet very quiet, great for families with children, apartments, … These parrots … Can someone give me a brutally honest answer about what it's like owning a pionus parrot? They are fun and goofy, while still being docile and gentle most of the time. Personality and Behavior Blue-headed pionus make good pets, being easy-going and fun-loving. The nominant form is described by the scientific name Pionus … 100% Upvoted. The beak is dark gray and rather mottled in color. The pionus … The pionus are fun and active birds that enjoy some raucous and rowdy playtime. The Maximilian's Pionus is a small to medium-size stocky parrot, averaging 11.5 ins … The pionus parrot (pronounced pi-oh-nus) is not a well-known species to the average person. Their overall appearance is a dark violet-blue with a white chin, pink tips to the feathers on the throat, and a bronze … She's a blue-crown, and she's extremely needy in terms of interaction. save. Are you still unsure about buying a Pionus? They have distinctive red eye-rings which are light colored but appear to have a stripe of dark gray which appears to extend from the brow to the bottom o… Parrots … Pionus Parrots Learn everything you want about Pionus Parrots with the wikiHow Pionus Parrots Category. Site Parrots of the World, Forshaw and Cooper, 1977. They are brilliant and take well to training when their owners are patient and consistent. White-capped pionus are known to be feisty and comical, as well as sweet, affectionate little birds. Before bringing a new … Internet Bird Collection Parrots: A Guide to Parrots of the World, Juniper and Parr, 1998. hide. Preventing Future Infections Find out about your new parrot’s health history. I think our Pionus is...well, unique. Thank you to all of our customers who have supported my vision to provide the right feathered friend to forever families ! Bronze wing pionus for sale is a medium size stocky parrot with a wonderful personality. The Maximilian Pionus breed of parrot is the largest of the Pionus species, all of which are currently enjoying a big rise in popularity. report. There are four subspecies of Maximilian Pionus. Parrots are animals of great beauty and they are the only ones in the entire animal kingdom able to reproduce human language. Pionus look like small Amazons and they both have similar traits. At Feather Focus, we have Dusky's, Maxi's and Coral Bill Pionus. Bird and Parrot classifieds. 27 1996, Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Pionus are on the smaller side and are sometimes confused with amazon parrots, as their … Description:. Pionus Parrot for sale . This breed is often overlooked. On the other hand, the Blue-headed Pionus, native to South and Central America, is easily one of the best apartment parrots you can choose. The many species of Macaw are definitely more flashy, but the Pionus… Also known as scaly-headed Pionus, these species have … Browse through available pionus parrots for sale by aviaries, breeders and bird rescues. There is no such thing as a perfectly calm parrot. Large crowds are not their favorites, and they tend to get attached to a singl… Please don't sugarcoat anything. The price range for Pionus Parrots range from $750 to $1950. ML Media Collection Catalogue 165867, White-crowned Parrot Pionus senilis, Ross, David L., Jr., Puntarenas, Costa Rica, Mar. We educate people on the Pionus Parrot Species, a sister site to the pionusparrot.com site. 0 comments. Usually much more expensive than the other Pionus parrots mentioned, but a joy to own for its looks as well as its personality. Quiet - Leia's shout makes my ears ring. The tail is green. Bronze wing pionus for sale. They will entertain you with their little quirks and funny chit chats, and will absolutely enjoy scratches, cuddles, and games. This parrot is sweet, likes people but is also independent. Scaly-headed parrot / Maximilian Pionus. The Maximilian's Parrot appears rather plain from a distance but like … The Maximilian’s Pionus, though not the largest of the Pionus species, is a small to medium size stocky parrot with a wonderful personality. Bronze wing pionus for sale is a medium-size stocky parrot with a wonderful personality. Types of Pionus Parrots Scaly-headed parrot: The Scaly-Headed parrot can grow up to 10 ounces and is mostly green with some red feathers under... Blue headed parrot: The Blue … Learn about topics such as How to Know if a Pionus Parrot Is Right for You, How to Teach a Pionus Parrot to Speak, How to Keep a Pionus Parrot … One of our last sweet babies of the year !! Their overall appearance is a dark violet-blue with a white chin, pink tips to the … share. These parrots do NOT have feather dust and have... by pattyspets - Zephyrhills, Florida - - a month ago colors and big chocolate eyes and look like an artist's palette. This can only be done through education, And dedication to truly finding a right personality … They definitely take a back seat to their more colourful parrot cousins. A Pionus is still a parrot. Being curious, personable, and quite intelligent, the Maximilian's Pionus or Scaly-headed Parrot is truly a fun and well-rounded family pet!. Re: Pionus personality question. Special Characteristics of the Pionus Parrot. Maximilian’s Pionus enjoys spending quite a bit of time with their owners. Because of these feathers, pionus have also been known as “red-vented parrots”. Personality. However, of all the Pionus birds… The tail is short and square. A White Crowned Pionus has a lot of the most desirable traits a pet bird can have. Primary and secondary flight feathers are green and contrast with darker body. Even though they do not have much talking ability, they are a better option than many loud and noisy … These parrots are Green, Red under their tail, Blue on the tips of their wings, and a violet chest. The Pionus Parrot is often overlooked because it seems drab-looking, but these parrots are great family pets. To those in the know, the Blue-headed Pionus is one of the most highly regarded pet parrots available.

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